Design Your Own Custom Umbrellas!

green-pig-fix_1000Chances are, if you’re reading this page you’d like to do a little more than print a one color logo on your custom umbrellas. We’re guessing you’d like to print all over the entire umbrella canopy, or over multiple panels, right? Below you will find free downloadable umbrella design templates for several styles of umbrellas. And remember, iBrolly offers a free customized umbrella designs. Our professional designers are here to help.

Free Umbrella Design Template – STICK UMBRELLA

Free Umbrella Design Template – COMPACT UMBRELLA (6 PANEL)

Free Umbrella Design Template – GOLF UMBRELLA

Free Umbrella Design Template – VENTED GOLF UMBRELLA

If you’d like a few tips on how to design a gorgeous personalized umbrella that will bring your brand to life, read on… There are a few things you may want to consider before you start.

Consider What Style Will Meet Your Needs

If you’d like to print in full color, or use a detailed pattern that will require heavy ink coverage, choose a golf umbrella or a stick umbrella. With folding umbrellas, the canopy gets all folded up when you collapse it, so heavy ink coverage will not fare well over time. You can still do an all-over print on a folding umbrella, but keep it light.

You’ll also want to consider who you will be giving (or selling) the umbrellas to. Do you work for a large professional organization such as a law firm? In that case you may want to go with high quality promotional stick umbrellas. Will you be giving the umbrellas to a sporty crowd? In that case custom golf umbrellas could be a good choice.

It’s also worth noting the number of panels on the umbrella: Most umbrellas, such as golf umbrellasstick umbrellas and folding umbrellas have eight panels. Very small, or compact umbrellas only have six panels.

Umbrella Printing in our Factory: The Process

Now that you’ve chosen an umbrella style and know how many panels you’re working with, it’s time to think about your custom umbrella design. An understanding of our umbrella printing and production process will be helpful for designing your own personalized umbrellas.

So, assuming you’re going to print all over the umbrella canopy, here’s how we do that in our umbrella factory:

  1. We first print the individual umbrella fabric panels
  2. Then sew the panels together to make the canopy
  3. After that the canopy is strung onto the umbrella frame

Depending on your umbrella design, “pattern matching” may be required, for example if you have lines or shapes that need to connect from panel to panel.

Each time we have a unique, or different, panel design, new print screens need to be made. Why are we telling you this? Because making print screens impacts cost, and you may want to adjust your design depending on the size of your print run:  Are you planning to print 100 corporate umbrellas for promo gifts, or 3,000 wholesale umbrellas to sell in a retail store? If you’re going to do a small print run of 100 umbrellas, you may want to limit the number of unique panel designs somewhat, or try repeating your design on multiple panels. This will keep your corporate umbrellas looking flashy, while only requiring a few print screens. On the other hand, if you’re going to print more than a couple hundred, go crazy!

ColorWheelCustom Colors and Pantone (PMS) Matching

We have over 100 different umbrella fabric colors in our inventory, and can usually match your corporate colors exactly. Alternatively, if you have a specific PMS color you’d like matched, we can do that too – not just for canopy fabric, but also for frames and handles. Minimum order for PMS matching umbrella canopies is 500 units as we need to dye an entire bolt of umbrella fabric to do this. Our umbrella fabric is high quality 190 thread count Pongee. We can order recycled PET umbrella fabric (minimums apply), and also carry clear plastic PVC and POE (biodegradable) umbrella canopy material.

Custom Detailing for Seriously Personalized Umbrellas

As we are an umbrella manufacturer, we can do so much more than an umbrella printer. At iBrolly you can add stunning finishing touches to your custom umbrellas, such as embroidered labels, branded handles, and printed sleeves. We also supply a number of different umbrella packaging options for a gorgeous presentation.